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A will is an extremely important part of your life – and your death. Without a will, you can create all kinds of financial and interpersonal problems among friends and family, especially if there are already tensions between different people in your personal and home life in July 2024.

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If you do not already have an existing will, then it can seem daunting to try and create one from scratch. Many people in Gatley have no idea how a will looks, let alone how to create a legal document that can contain all the assets they want to spread around after their death. Even a basic will can seem like a tough document to produce on your own.

The best alternative is to use a cheap, reliable will writing service. Will writers can help you put together a will that is not only legally valid and binding but accurate to your wishes and the way that you want your family to be compensated after your passing.

A will is a major part of getting your affairs in order. We are a team of specialist will writers that understand how to tailor every single will to the client’s wishes and needs, acting as legal professionals to review and amend your will as needed to better suit the legal framework it exists in.

If you are interested in getting a valid will created, then our will writing services may be the best place to turn. There is no easier way to get a will created than sitting in the comfort of your own home and letting the professionals handle it for you.

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Why Use Us?

Our team of specialist in-house solicitors and experts have formed a will writing service with a strong legal core. We understand how to construct a will that will not be contested or found invalid, writing firm and decisive details that fall within the legal requirements of any written will.

Co-Op Legal Services

We consider ourselves to offer co-op legal services, with several specialists cooperating at all times. This does not impact the solicitor cost and ensures that you get the best results possible.

Thanks to our Gatley online will writing service, plenty of past clients have been able to rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our will writing services have given each family member the security and stability they will need. As legal documents, it takes a lot of skill to craft a will completely free of ambiguity and uncertain language.

Our Work in Gatley

If you want to prove testamentary capacity and ensure that your will is carried out, then you want a will that is professionally written and able to give you all the right legal cover. A professional service like ours is not just there to protect someone’s interests but to make sure that the personal circumstances behind your will do not compromise your wishes.

Inheritance, Wills & Probate Barristers Gatley

Our Gatley experts are far more than just simple will-writers. We know how to write wills that properly distribute your assets to your chosen beneficiaries, making sure that there are no vague terms or hard-to-understand passages that get in the way of a clear and direct will statement.

As a licensed team of barristers and legal experts, we understand how inheritance laws relate to your personal possessions. We also have a full understanding of the legal processes surrounding British wills and how they should be approached if you want a will of your own.


Our online will writing service provides an easy way to get a new will written quickly, tailored to your exact needs and preferences, through multiple in-depth discussions. Will writing services like ours need to be prepared to sift through legal details and personal information to figure out how the right kind of will can be constructed.

A will dictates what happens after your death, concerning both immediate family and personal friends. A professionally-drafted will is not just something you get for style – it also provides you with the legal protection and support you need to have your wishes carried out correctly.

A large part of our duties as your will writing service involves us carefully piecing together a will that matches your wishes and needs, making sure that absolutely nothing can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Any vagueness could allow the will to be challenged, compromising your original intentions and wishes as a result.


Wills are commonly used to set aside possessions or assets for inheritance, whether that is your own home or just a simple lump sum of money. We know how to write inheritance documents in a way that will not leave any doubt about how those assets are distributed and the terms behind them being handed over.

This includes details like overseas assets or money that is given in set amounts every year – things that can require highly specific legal language to get right. In a complex family situation, our professional assistance can make a big difference in how the inheritance is carried out.


Probate is the process of a person getting the legal right to deal with your personal property after your death. Your will can name a family member or friend that you trust to handle your assets – if you do not, then your closest living relative may have a chance to apply for probate.

A will allows you to specify your own executor (or executors) that will carry out your wishes instead. Since probate awards some control over your assets, you may have somebody you would prefer to name as your executor – former partners, close family members, a best friend, etc.

Probate might sound like a small detail, but it can be important if you have highly specific wishes for what will happen after your death. Our will writing services take these details into account, even if they do not initially appear to be all that important.

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Reasons For Getting A Will Written

There are many reasons to get a will written, some more obvious than others. This includes:

You Have Specific Wishes

Wills allow you to specify the kind of Gatley funeral that you want and means that your family do not have to make that decision for you. This can be important since many people have specific personal or religious preferences that will impact how they want their body to be treated after their death.

You Have Dependent Children

Providing for children after your death is important, especially if they are your own children. If you die without a will, then the courts will choose who takes care of them and what assets they are given, so specifying your wishes can be important.

You Aren’t Married

If you are not married or in a partnership, then there is no guarantee that your partner will get anything after your death. This could even include the home that you have both been living in if you owned it.

You Own Overseas Property

Owning property overseas can complicate things since inheritance laws might be different between the two countries. This often requires you to specify your own inheritance requirements – this gives your family and friends some guidelines on what they should be doing.

You Worry About Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax can become a problem if your estate is worth more than £325,000 upon death. Specifying that everything above that threshold goes to your spouse can result in them avoiding the tax.

Things Change

Updating your will can be important if circumstances change. It is possible to keep a single will throughout your entire life (although your existing will is cancelled if you get married), but you will want to keep updating your will to make sure that it is relevant to your current wishes and list of assets.

Where to get a will written?

Online will-writing services provide a useful place to get wills written quickly and efficiently, condensing the usual will-writing process into something far more convenient. Local solicitors and online specialists like us are a great way to get your wills created on short notice.

Online wills are no less valid than wills that were written in person in Gatley. In fact, many online wills are written with more care and specificity than the alternative, thanks to the wider pool of experience that online specialists like ours can draw from. Online platforms are akin to an online law firm – offering the same protection in a more convenient fashion.


Keep in mind that will writing is not a regulated market. You want to be sure that you are using will and probate services you can trust, so be sure to do your research on any local solicitor you consider. Even a licensed solicitor may not be experienced enough to write more than a simple will with minimal details.

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How to get a will written?

The easiest way to get a will written is to simply approach a will-writing team and start telling them what you are looking for. Our will specialists know how to turn even the most basic of will concepts into an effective legal document, all without major delays or legal hurdles.

You can contact us directly if you need a will written by experts who know exactly what they are doing. We are more than happy to take up the responsibilities of writing your will, putting all of our expertise and past successes into producing the best document possible.

What is the Cost of a Will Writing Service?

On average, expect to pay anything from £100 to £150 for a single will, £250 for a mirror will, and £400 for trust wills in Gatley. This can vary depending on where you go, but paying more for a higher-quality will is almost always a worthwhile trade.

A will writing service involves a lot of serious legal work and careful planning to ensure that the document is legally correct and free from any misunderstandings or vague passages. Even a small mistake in terminology can completely destroy an otherwise perfect document – many of the extra costs here are due to the time it takes to produce a good will.

A cheap will might technically be valid, but it may not offer the same fine print details that a higher-quality option does. This can become a significant problem at a later date – for example, a budget will using the wrong terminology for your civil partner or not specifying a legal guardian for your children.

Best will writing service near me

Finding a good will writing service in Gatley can involve a lot of searching in your own time. However, the best wills come from experts, and online services mean that you do not even need to be in the same part of the country to get a will prepared for you.

Online wills are perfectly legal, meaning that they can be a great option for people who want something more than their local will-writers can offer.

Legal Will vs Online Will

Getting a will written by local legal professionals can often seem like the right choice, especially if you do not want to spend too much time searching for any alternatives. However, online documents offer far more flexibility and often come from specialists with more varied kinds of experience.

Wills can be tricky to write, and you might think that an online will writing service would be a riskier option. However, both are fully legal – the only difference is which one suits your needs best, and how well you choose the company providing it.

The Advantages Of Getting Will Written By A Solicitor

Writing your will yourself is always an option, but even then, it can be a smart idea to get a will writer to revise and reword it. This is because:

What happens if I die without making a will?

If you die without having written a will, then your assets and debts pass on to your partner. If you have no surviving partner, then any children you might have take on the estate, divided equally.

While this is sometimes fine for tight-knit families in Gatley that can distribute the wealth as intended anyway, this can become a problem in almost any other situation.

Divorced or separated partners cannot inherit, but cohabiting or informally-separated partners still can. Other relatives may be able to inherit under specific circumstances if there is nobody else who can, following a specific order of priority.

If you have no people who are eligible to inherit your assets, then they pass to the Crown. This effectively puts them in the hands of the government, meaning that they are no longer accessible to your family unless somebody makes a case to prove otherwise.

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What exactly is a will?

In general, a will is a document that spells out exactly what you want to happen after your death. That means the treatment of children, spouses, civil partners, bank accounts, properties, assets, and anything else that you might want to specify. It also includes your funeral preferences and any inheritances you wish to happen.

What Can you Include in a Will?

You can include a lot in a will, mostly involving who in your family or private life gets what. This might mean things like giving bank accounts to a civil partner or trying to securely store inheritances until your children are old enough to use them wisely.

What types of gifts can I include in my will?

There are three types of gifts involved in a will:

You can also give gifts to children, held until they are 18, or give gifts directly to charities as a donation.

Can an executor of a will also be a beneficiary?

An executor in Gatley can be a beneficiary, and the executor is often chosen from the main beneficiaries of the estate. Sometimes multiple are chosen to prevent bias and self-interest.

Do I need a will if I don’t own a house?

Wills cover all belongings, not just property. “Estate” does not mean your physical estate but your general assets as a whole.

What if I don’t have anything to leave?

Having a properly drafted will can be important even if you have no direct assets. You and your possessions may be worth more than you think, and you can also use a will to specify your funeral wishes.

Tips for writing a will if you have young children

Writing a will when children are involved can be hard – but we can help guide you through the process. Parental responsibility involves picking guardians for children who may be left parent-less, and naming them if you have any specific assets you want them to take on.

Always put parental responsibility first. You do not want to leave your children with nothing.

Can I include funeral wishes in my will?

A large part of the will involves funeral wishes in Gatley. These can be amended if you change your mind later on.

Can a will help protect my home against potential care home fees?

While you can’t avoid care home fees, certain methods of creating a will can allow you to not pay inheritance tax.

I’m not married to my partner – should I make a will?

Making a will is important for any partnership that is not a marriage or civil partnership. Without a will, only certain situations will result in your assets being given to a non-spouse partner.

How does getting married affect your will?

Being married – or entering a civil partnership – makes your duties as will writer that much more important. Spouses and civil partners will not necessarily need to be left anything specific, but mirror wills can still be important for ensuring that certain assets pass between you if one of you dies.

Making a will and mental capacity

If a person lacks the mental capacity to create a will, then any will they create will not be legally binding. Using an online will service may allow you to get around this problem.

Our will writing service makes the process easy

Making a will can be simple if you use an online will writing service like ours. We provide a huge range of different options for creating the perfect will for your needs, discussing each point in detail to make sure that we are creating something that matches your wishes exactly.

We can deal with all kinds of specific information, from your registered civil partnership to the inclusion of a disabled family member. If you are living in England and Wales, then our services can provide exactly what you need – and we can start writing as soon as you need us.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

We at Get A Will Written in Gatley are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and are part of a recognised trade body. This connection with the Solicitors Regulation Authority shows that we are taking our online service very seriously.

Can any of my beneficiaries be a witness when I am making my will?

A beneficiary can’t witness a will, and neither can the spouse or partner of those beneficiaries. While many wills are created with around two witnesses there, our online service allows each client to create separate wills in private.

Where should I store my will?

Always store your will somewhere safe. This could be a locked safe, a filing cabinet, or a special hiding place. You need the physical document, so do not lose it, and get another created if you do.

Can my will be challenged?

Any will can be challenged, but that does not mean it will necessarily be successful. Most successful challenges involve situations where somebody is ignored unfairly in your will, or you have a request or gift that does not make sense and is not possible for your family and friends to complete.

What does undue influence mean in will writing?

Undue influence happens when somebody is pressured into creating a will, adding details they normally would not. This is not a practice approved by any legal body, and wills can be contested on the grounds that they appear out-of-character or biased towards somebody who may have forcibly had it changed for their own benefit.

Not all wills are regulated – Be Careful

Not all wills are safe and reliable. Even in England and Wales, you can end up setting wills that are not tax-efficient, that use incorrect information, or that are not even legally binding. Always choose a service or solicitor you feel confident with, like us.


Do debts die with you?

Debts only die with you when there is no estate left and/or no relatives left to pay them in Gatley. While most debts will not incur any additional costs due to your death, they will not go away easily.

What about inheritance tax?

Inheritance tax only applies if your estate is worth more than 325,000. You can avoid this problem by splitting your money up more to get below that threshold.

Can I leave a will If I become incapacitated?

You can leave a will at any time. However, standard wills only apply if you die. The exception is living wills, which include details like whether or not you want to be resuscitated. These might also specify things that hold lasting power over your family even before you die, like property being given to family members in the event of you being severely wounded.

Can I Write My Own Will?

While you can write your own will, it is important to turn to a specialist as soon as you can. Wills require a lot of specialist legal language that the average person has not encountered before.

Even if you have every step of the writing process witnessed correctly by another person with some legal experience, the will you produce and the will we produce may feel like two separate wills.

What can I do if I think a relative’s estate has gone to the Crown?

You can attempt to claim an unclaimed estate if you think you have a reasonable justification for it. This is easiest to do when you are a relative. However, there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

Living together but not married or in a civil partnership in Gatley? A ‘cohabitation agreement’ gives you protection.

Cohabitation offers you some legal protection in England and Wales. Even if you are not married, you can still take your partner’s assets in many cases.

Is it possible to change somebody’s will after they have died?

You can only change a will if everybody involved in the decision agrees. This includes people who may be worse off from the changes. Challenging a will also counts.

Get In Touch With a Specialist

If you need a will done by a professional solicitor, contact us (outside of bank holidays) and let us know what you are looking for. Our co-op legal services ensure that several of our writers can cooperate to bring you the best legal document possible, matching your exact wishes and wants.

Feel free to contact us any time – aside from bank holidays – to get a full breakdown of what we offer. The sooner you talk with us, the sooner you get your finished will.

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